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April 2017 

Trails are Closed!  Thanks to everyone for all their work this season and we hope to have a little more consistent season next year.  We will be out when the conditions permit to pull stakes, etc. 

January 17, 2017

The trail to Frye Mountain from Route 220 is closed.  The trail from the bridge at the bottom of Lampson Road to Peavey's and 10-4 will still be maintained by the Palermo Snowmobile Club.  If riding to Frye Mountain is important to you, contact the Commissioner of ACF and tell him.

January 9, 2017  

Trail update.  With warm temperature coming,  please stay off the trails so we can keep a good smooth base.  Cooling back down on Friday.  Most all of our trail system open and a lot of it groomed.  St. George loop not open at this time.  It needs some major trimming.  Trail groomed from Sheepscot Lake to Branch Pond, Branch Pond to Jr. McKenneys, Sheepscot Lake to Liberty both sides Rte 3 (most of the way)  .  We are crossing the lake from Banton Rd to Bushy Shore Rd and coming out on Leemans arm.  If you don’t know where this is STAY OFF THE LAKE.  Big lake is NOT SAFE.  Sheepscot lake to Patrick MT (Washington )opened and groomed. Trail to Albion open and trimmed but not groomed. 

Please be aware there will be NO State grooming or signing from the Frye Mountain maintenance shed down to the bridge at the bottom of Lampson Road just north of Irving Circle K in Liberty.  The State of Maine is no longer grooming that trail which has been groomed by park staff since 1981. The trail will not be maintained.   PASS AT OWN RISK.  They are, however, continuing to maintain the trails at Mount Blue State Park. The Palermo Snowmobile Club will groom from Lampson Road down to the Irving Circle K.  We will update our maps to show the change.  If you wish to comment or complain, please contact the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Commissioner Walter Whitcomb or Deputy Commissioner Randy Charette at [email protected] or 207-287-3200.   

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